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How will Moss Hall Junior spend the money?


Providing new equipment

 We have recently purchased some brand new gymnastic equipment. This has enhanced the children’s learning and provided them with a motivating environment. We will also be using the funding to update our games equipment. New resources will include two basketballs nets to be used for curriculum and club use, a variety of balls, cones, spot markers, a range of Athletics equipment and new team uniforms for inter-school competitions.


Enhancing the teaching and learning of PE

 At Moss Hall Junior we are dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning. A portion of the funding will be spent on releasing specialist teachers to work alongside staff. This will ensure on going professional development and growth throughout curriculum. Training will cover lesson planning, assessment, skills progression and higher order questioning.


Providing places for pupils for school sports clubs

 Our school already offers a range of before and after school clubs, accessed by children across the school. These clubs will continue to run as before. We are very keen to provide new experiences for our pupils and therefore part of the funding will be used to develop our new basketball and American football clubs in particular.


Providing opportunities for children to compete

 It is extremely important for children of all abilities to be able to participate in competitions. Some of the funding will go towards ensuring staff can be released to accompany the children, enabling a calendar of competitions on a local basis in a wide range of sports. This provides children with the opportunity to represent their school, be a part of a team, to learn the importance of fair play and have a chance to make lifelong memories.


 How will the impact be measured?

Equipment will be used effectively to enhance learning

Increased participation in school clubs

Increased participation in competitions

Consistently high quality teaching in all PE lessons


The impact of the new funding will be assessed in a range of ways; lesson observation, pupil conferencing, learning walks and planning scrutiny.


2014-15 Review

Last year we took part in a large number of competitions with other schools including football, netball, cross country and athletics. We also participated in the Barnet School’s Dance Festival and gymnastics competition. This raised the profile of sport in school and we kept the school community updated about it through the weekly newsletter, on the website and in celebration assemblies. Many pupils did well on an individual basis and the teams themselves achieved well and the pupils enjoyed taking part. The number of children competing in inter-schools competitions has increased once again and we hope to see this trend continuing in 2015-16.

The new gymnastics equipment has helped to deliver higher quality gymnastic lessons and it has also really motivated the children, leading to more children than ever taking part in our gymnastic clubs, which in turn has led to us now offering three gymnastic clubs a week to the pupils!

PE lessons themselves have shown an improvement in quality and more children were able to communicate their enjoyment and learning within these lessons.