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Children's Views on Values @ Moss Hall Juniors

Values – Pupil Voice Feedback

Q: What impact do you think the values has had on you?


It has changed my learning.

Positive approach to me.

Means I can deal with their feelings better.

Helped me be more aware of my own behaviour and become a nicer person.

Made me more aware about helping people.

When I’ve got upset and angry, I’ve thought about the values and calmed down.

To show a value you have to do a value.

The values help you to help your friends make up after an argument.

They have taught me how to behave in life.

The values have made us think more about our actions.

Courage – it has helped to become something you haven’t before.

It has given me confidence because everyone is doing the same thing.

Perseverance in music lessons and street dance.

Opening doors for people – showing respect.

Courage – to have a go.

Determination – to be the best I can be.

Helps me to have a good day.

Develops my understanding so that I have values when I grow up.

Shown me how to be kind and people will like us better.

Values have helped me in life and what to do.


Q: What impact do you think the values has had at school?


We are friendlier towards each other.

Being positive.

Co-operating with each other.

Made me feel safer at school.

Everyone is friendlier and there is less rudeness and arguing.

Whole school is happier and there are less disagreements.

Playground feels safer and more fun.

Less children are left out of games in the playground.

The classroom us a happier and calmer place.

Perseverance – we are more able to face problems in learning and overcome them.

We use the values we learn about to make the school a better place.

We use the values to make friends.

Values help us learn.

I think having a new topic every month helps us to learn it.

Values helps us in everyday life.

One a month means we can learn what it actually means.

When we learnt about the value of friendship it made us think about how to treat others.

We need to remember to respect our lovely playground – we are very lucky to have such great resources.

We used them in STEM week – working with new people.

People are treating people the way they want to be treated.

It helps to give a good understanding for the reasons why someone may be upset.

The values have given us an idea of how to co-operate.

They have helped us care for school property.

They give us a boost of reassurance.

Perseverance and determination – you get a challenge and overcome it.

Appreciation – friends and kindness.

Assemblies – less telling off and more celebrating.

Values help motivate and encourage others.

School is a more united place.

People feel they are asked to join in more in playing.

In the MUGA – better co-operation.

In the lunch hall – more people are saying thank you to the kitchen staff.

A better approach to learning in class.

We are more polite.

Perseverance in climbing the playground equipment.

If you are struggling you know not to give up.

Co-operation with partner work.

Perseverance with table tennis – friends encouraged.

Independence – starting putting hand up in class.

Values have helped me with my maths learning.

Appreciation – helped me to acknowledge when people have done something for me.

Playing with new children in the school and making sure you say “hello”.

We show tolerance in the playground.

It has helped with positivity on the MUGA.

We are becoming better human beings.



Q: What impact do you think the values have had at home?


Spend more time with my brother and stop fighting him.

I help mum or dad with cooking or taking out the rubbish.

I am more thoughtful at home now.

Responsibility – cleaning my room.

Taking seeds home to grow.

Helping my sister at home playing games.

Helping mum folding all the clothes

I am more aware of others feelings.

The values have helped us at home with sharing.

Respect – respecting property.

Equality – sharing with people in your family.

Arguing less with siblings.

More honest about faults at home.

More caring for the environment.

Perseverance for piano practise.

Positivity – being positive with my mum.

I now think about other people in the world not just at school.

I have a better understanding of what’s happening around the school.

Values have helped me learn at home as well as school.

I help with the dishes at home and have a responsibility chart.


Q: Any values you think we need to explore that aren’t on our list?


  • Supportiveness

  • Thankfulness

  • Sympathy

  • Generosity

  • Helpfulness

  • Collaboration

  • Humanity

  • Commitment

  • Hope

  • Peace