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Fireworks 2016

Fabulous Fireworks!


On Sunday, I came to Moss Hall’s amazing fireworks. I ate Mr Church’s chips and some nachos and they were delicious! I also bought a light saver which year 6 were selling on their stall. The fireworks were stunning to watch and looked massive in the sky. They went bang, crash and wallop! I saw lots of my friends there and I would definitely recommend that you attend next year! Noah 3W


Moss Hall's firework display on Sunday was spectacular. All of the fireworks were colourful, bright and whizzy. Children, parents and staff all had a lovely time. We're already excited to do it again next year. Leah and Jasmine 4T


The fireworks were amazing. The bright colours lit up the dark sky.

We couldn’t take our eyes off of them. We had delicious foods like chips and sausages and hot chocolate. Nearly everyone had a bright neon glow stick and head band. There were so many people you could have got lost really easily. We loved the sizzling fireworks, they fell down across the sky really slowly. Kyla 5F, Willow and Elena 5P


The fireworks on Sunday were amazing! There were lots of bright colours and the food was delicious. The Year 6s were running a stall that was selling neons and it looked like they made a lot of money. At 6pm everyone went out onto the Infant playground to watch the fireworks. There was a DJ in the shelter who played music before and after the fireworks and the music couldn’t really be heard from the bottom playground because of all the talking! When the fireworks started for real, everyone went silent and enjoyed it. Thank you to the MHSA for making this possible! James 6G