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Curry & Quiz Night - Friday 20th January 7.30pm

Moss Hall Schools Association                                                                    Registered charity 278150
The MHSA is the Moss Hall Schools Association, a combined parents and carers association between the Infant and Junior Schools - the Moss Hall PTA.
We organise many events throughout the year to raise money for the schools - most years we raise approximately £20,000.
The money is distributed between the two schools to pay for additional resources that could not usually be paid for from the schools' budget. These include playground equipment, musical instruments, digital cameras for each class and many other things to enrich your child's education at Moss Hall.
Our annual fund raising events include Summer and Christmas Fairs, Fireworks Night, School Discos and Quiz Nights.
Any parent or carer at the school is welcome to join our PTA to support as much or as little as you like. You may join our committee or even just help to serve drinks at our events - every bit of help makes a difference.
If you would like to join in, our email address is mhsa.info@gmail.com.
For ways to get involved or to just keep up to date on all the activities contact us via:
Follow us on Twitter –  https://twitter.com/MHSA_Kat
Please get involved - it makes a world of difference to our children.

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