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Discussion of right and wrong – moral issues exemplified in children’s literature.

Skills of listening and forming evaluative judgements in discussion.

Circle time discussion of behaviour and relationships.

Dramatising situations which raise moral questions.



Encouraging a sense of personal responsibility for their own learning in class and through homework.

Encouraging honesty, not cheating.

Awareness of manipulation of data statistics.



Thinking about experiments and investigations and their outcomes for humans.

Caring for living things.

Discussing issues raised by scientific discovery and progress, e.g. genetic engineering.


Design Technology

Learning co-operation with others through activities.

Technology as helpful and constructive as well as potentially destructive.



Independent working to develop a sense of integrity and trustworthiness.

Discussion of moral issues, e.g. correct information, pornography.



Developing awareness of local, national and world issues.

Encounter with ideas and encouragement to think through  a moral stance on issues, e.g. war and peace.



Developing moral responsibility to care for the environment.

Awareness of human exploitation, e.g. child labour in developing countries. Poverty amid affluence.

Awareness of misuse of earth’s resources and human responses, e.g. recycling and deforestation.



Interpreting pictures which put a moral point of view.



Appreciation of music and respecting the ideas and judgements of others.

Learning about and from the lives of composers.


Religious Education

Stories with a moral message from other world religions.

Ideas of right and wrong behaviour in world religions.

Individual and corporate  responsibility within religious and other communities.

Developing skills of listening, respecting and evaluative judging.


Physical Education

Taking part in team games and obeying rules.

Awareness of others’ needs, particularly physical.

Encouragement to cheer, celebrate achievement and shake hands at the end of a game.

Developing a sense of fair play, not hurting anyone.


Modern Foreign Languages

Stories with a moral message from other countries.

Current affairs and human responses to them within different countries.

Awareness and understanding of fellow human beings living different lifestyles in different countries.