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Parent's Views on Values @ Moss Hall Juniors


I have realised this education has impacted on **** learning and attitude, especially the aspects of thoughtfulness, appreciation and perseverance. We talked about how the classmates can play nicely when she was struggling with some different opinions the classmates had for playing. *** doesn’t want anyone to become sad. As to perseverance, *** has practiced playing the trumpet and recorder well at home. She repeated some notes until she could get them. **** has showed her appreciation by writing letters saying “thank you”.



***** was already aware of “values” in school, as Moss Hall Infants do this too. However, I think as a Junior pupil, she now has a better understanding of what these values mean and why they are so important. It’s great that Moss Hall are teaching this.

The positive impact of the “values” for ****has been for her to realise how essential they are for getting on with others and for understanding how she should behave. However, when I asked ****about the “values”, she feels that a lot of other pupils don’t seem to follow them, so perhaps this understanding will take time!



I think these are important and we definitely reinforce them at home. For example when *** joined *** we talked about making her feel welcome and including her which I think *** and her friends have done. It’s difficult to say how or if they’ve impacted her learning but I’m sure that these values will stand them in good stead for the future, increasing their awareness at a young age can only be a good thing.



We have seen ***** becoming more independent as she performs her tasks herself. She also takes responsibility for her regular tasks, eg study. She is caring, we see her care for her little sister. Her argumentative behaviour on many things has gone away which is indication of growing thoughtfulness and respect for us.



*** has taken responsibility for her own learning by doing “writing practice” and RM Easimaths at home. She has discussed values at home and demonstrated her understanding of how they may apply to her. *** has appreciated all the activities we have done over the holidays.



**** has been talking about the importance of positive thinking with her grandma, and how it will overcome negativity. She said she gets less frustrated when learning new musical pieces on her violin because she knows that with perseverance she will master it. She thinks it is very important to show respect both to others but also to respect oneself. Her favourite value is equality, recognising that whatever our differences are, we are all the same. These values are reinforced by her cub scout group and we see ***** practicing them every day. These values should guide her throughout her life.



We’ve noticed ***** having more respect, kind and trying to be positive. Very caring. He says he loves helping looking after ****.



****has noticed these values every day in her class and tries to use them in her daily life and routines at school. She usually makes good behaviour choices anyway so these values serve as a reminder and reinforce good behaviour on occasion. We have discussed these at home when I see them in the weekly newsletter.