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Literature, including story and poetry that explores human experience and response to life and death.

Use of stillness and imagination in drama and other subjects to develop inner awareness.

Expressing feeling and emotions through verbal and written communication, knowing that words can influence feelings.



Enjoyment of and fascination by numbers, including the idea of infinity.

Reflecting  on pattern and order as well as a sense of mystery and space.

Exploring the relationship of numbers, shape and objects and the possibility of inter-connectedness.

Sense of achievement and self-worth at appropriate levels of understanding.



Scientific links with a spiritual interpretation about the universe and life.

Using the school grounds for reflection on relationships between people and their environment.

Reflecting on the mystery of the natural world and physical worth, life cycles and growth.

Awareness of physical self as wonderful.


Design Technology

Sense of worth in human potential and achievement.

Designing cards for religious festivals.

Making holy books and other artefacts/special objects pleasure in physical constructions.

Art in design: taking



Connectedness with people all over the world through the internet.

Using programmes to create poems and pictures.

Becoming independent and developing self-reliance.



Ideas of change and development and re-creation.

Understanding the importance of tradition to a community.

Sense of time and awareness of personal place within it.



How things came about, and a sense of wonder at the earth’s variety and order.

Developing self-awareness and relationships with other cultures and environments.

Appreciation of natural features e.g. lakes, woods.



Idea of beauty in art.

Appreciation of colour, shape and texture.

Religious and spiritual ideas expressed in, e.g. stained glass windows. 

Art as a means of expressing feelings, imagination and expressive thought.



Making music by singing together, songs and hymns with instruments.

Listening to specific chosen pieces, and why people write music.

Identifying feelings and emotions associated with different types of music.

Using music as a background to times of quiet and reflection to develop awareness of the inner self.


Religious Education

Knowledge of religious reflection, humanist ideas and spiritual practices, e.g. worship.

Providing opportunities for experiencing space and silence to allow skills in reflection and awareness to develop.

Meeting others who belong to other traditions.

Providing opportunities for experiencing awe, wonder and transcendence.


Physical Education

Spiritual awareness of body, its beauty and potential through activity and observation.

Movement to express feelings and emotions including dancing for joy.

Developing inner determination to do one’s best and recognise and develop one’s inner potential and strength.


Modern Foreign Languages

Awareness of the beauty inherent in another language.

The use of a different language to express thoughts slightly differently.