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Staff Views on Values @ Moss Hall Juniors

Mentioning values to the children whenever possible makes them take a much more mature attitude to school life. They also respond better to praise when they have proven to follow values like cooperation, respect and so on…


I find the values really useful whenever a child does not make the right behaviour choices. It empowers the adult’s position and provides the children with something more concrete and tangible to reflect upon. As a parent I have used them at home as a reminder of different choices that people can make and of what the consequ4ences can be if values are not followed in everyday life.


The students have loved learning about the values and always share when they have either shown a particular value or have seen others displaying our values in the classroom and in the playground. As a class teacher, it’s lovely having a positive set of “guidelines” we can constantly refer to to reinforce positive behaviour choices – also great that it is consistent across the school.

As a class, we have been using a “random acts of kindness” box which they love.


I think the values posters were a great idea. I decided to put my ones up on the wall in the office so I could share with all.

Also a few of the positivity sayings that were put into our pigeonholes every day, I found personal to me.


The children’s behaviour has always improved and they go out of their way to demonstrate each value.

For some it has even taught them new vocabulary and they can all clearly explain what each value means and the best ways to show it.


I believe it has also allowed me to build a better relationship with my class.

Children are polite and helpful when they come to the office. They will offer to hold the doors for me when I am moving around the school and most of them greet me in a friendly and respectful manner if they pass me in the corridor.


Useful for reinforcing g and challenging behaviour in a positive way.

Children are able to self-reflect on their behaviour better and in a more positive manner.

I think by highlighting these values it allows the children to think and reflect on their behaviours and attitudes.


From a Teaching Assistant’s point of view, it has given me another point for precise praise, i.e. I love the way you have shown perseverance.